"Dear Lidia, 

Thank you so much for all of your sessions. Your insight is just incredible and you deliver it in such a loving and caring way. I truly do appreciate that and look forward to your advice on many more aspects of my life. Thank you so much."



"My name is Marc Goddard. I'm a 33 year old construction worker and I live and work in London.

At the end of 2007 after a multitude of problems in both my personal and work life, I heard about Lidia's amazing gifts. After a session with Lidia there were almost instant noticeable changes to my life. 

I highly recommend Lidia, I’ll most certainly use her services again.Many Thanks for everything."


M Goddard

"Before I meet Lidia, some things in my life were challenging me, just not going the way I wanted. I could not, at times, pinpoint what the issue was. I was still looking for guidance. ​

My friend, Hanna, who was a previous client of Lidia, recommended I contact Lidia for a Reading.

I was instantly impressed by Lidia’s accuracy, in-depth knowledge and skill. It was like she knew some things about me that no one else could possibly know! She also recommended how to resolve certain issues.

After doing some work with Lidia, and following her guidance, I instantly noticed I was more grounded and healthier. My personal life is getting better day by day, and my finances are also improved. I feel I am now back on track to achieving my goals and living my life the way I envisioned it. I am being my true self again. Also, certain situations are resolving by themselves, resulting in more peace in my life and family.

I have also found Lidia’s teachings amazing. It has helped me make more sense of my spirituality, and help me achieve better connection.

I highly recommend Lidia. Lidia has an amazing gift. She also, has a very kind, caring and loving energy, that always leaves you empowered. She makes you feel you are back in control of your life.

If some part of your life is feeling blocked, give Lidia a call. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

A BIG Thank You Lidia, and Spirit Guides for all your help. Thank You.

Lots of Love and Light."



"I was lucky to met Dr. Egas Moniz when I was in the worst moment of my life. Things just weren't going anywhere. My finances was going from bad to worse, my personal life was deteriorating day by day and I just couldn't decide what to do with my life, which path to choose. I needed guidance.

Speaking to Lidia one day, Dr. Moniz asked me to see him because I had so many spirits tormenting my life and stopping me from going forward and I had also been the target of black magic by people I thought were my friends, he said he would help me to get rid of everything.

I went for a session three weeks later where he informed me of everything that was done against me and my family, including a car accident, and told me how to clean all: he gave me advice about the choices I had to do and the help he would give me in those choices; he told me which good spirits I had with me and to call them in my desperate moments and sent all the bad ones to the light; he guaranteed me that the delivery of my second baby would be smooth and quick, and everything would be all right with me and my baby; and he told me whenever I needed his help I just needed to ask for him and he would be there for me and I have to tell that all was true.

When I went for an appointment at the hospital seven days after my due date, my waters broke during the examination and the contractions started. 

When I started to feel the pain I asked for him to help me and he calmed me down, after 3 hours the midwifes were asking me to go home cause they were thinking I was having a slow birth because I wasn't crying in pain, but I refused and 2 hours later I demanded to have another examination and they were surprise to tell me the baby was ready to be born and after 10 minutes he was out and alright. It couldn't be quicker and painless than this! 

After the baby was born I asked for a three bedroom house and Dr. Moniz told me he would help but I had also to do another work, which I did, and when I was losing my faith he guaranteed me that everything was taken care of and I would have my house before the full moon which was in 3 weeks. Two weeks later they call me saying I would have the house and I signed the tenancy and had the keys in my hand 2 days before the full moon. 

The house it's exactly how I imagined and I have the possibility to redecorate it all like I always dreamt because the rent I’m paying now it's more than half of the other house I was living and I know Dr. Moniz will help me with all I need for the house.

It's amazing the transformation my life had since I talked to him for the first time and I know that all is because of the help Dr. Egas Moniz gave me.

My personal life, its better day by day, my finance is very good like they were before I met all the people trying to destroy my life and I now know exactly what I want from life and I know I would get it.

My dream is coming true and all because of Lidia and Dr. Egas Moniz. 

A big thank you for them."

Carla D. - Southampton

2010 - present

2010 - present

"I highly recommend working with Lidia Frederico, especially for healing or doing an energetic clearing which clears negative energy and blockages in your life. Through a spiritual clearing and her guidance, Lidia has helped not only myself but also many other friends of mine in so many ways and areas of life: health, relationships, finance, emotions, life purpose, spirituality, career…
After my clearing, people who did not even know I had done work noticed a positive difference in me. They said I was happier, looking better, more relaxed etc. Lidia can also clear buildings, flats and businesses. In two cases I know personally, a flat/house that the owner had trouble selling sold quickly after the clearing for a good price.
I was always searching for something that I could not define, looking for fulfilment in my life and searching for the right career - for purpose - and little did I know I would find it in spirituality.
To say I was a sceptic when I came to Lidia at first would be an understatement. Yet since working with her, I have discovered faith and have a sense of purpose that no career could give me. I feel more at peace and less worried about the future, plans or career.
Lidia's guidance, teaching and mentoring have helped me understand so much about myself, the visible and invisible world, about what I am here for and how and why things happen(ed) with me. She helped me listen more to my intuition instead of listening to others and to grow spiritually as well as personally.
Lidia comes from her heart and her methods are unique and very efficient - I have done a lot of personal development and various healing techniques but none compare. Lidia is extremely caring, professional and 100% trustworthy. Her aim is always to help and empower each individual as much and as quickly as possible. I believe in her and her work so much, I always carry her business cards with me in case I meet someone who might need her assistance. I think that says it all."

Hanna Kohlhoff, London