"Meeting and working with Lidia has been a truly life changing experience. Before she started her coaching and spiritual cleansing work with me, I have been struggling in all areas of my life. Any notable progress has been blocked and for years I have had to overcome obstacle after obstacle. I have been pushed to the limits, I had to deal with unthinkable and unimaginable events in my life and had little hope that this will ever change. Over the years, my intuition grew and I knew I had spiritual blockages that needed to be dealt with. I tried to address this in different ways, but nothing worked. Then I met Lidia, she started her spiritual cleansing and guidance work with me and my life started to change immediately. All areas of my life started to improve, from professional and personal to family life. Lidia brought hope, blessings and new opportunities to my life and I am hugely grateful for everything she has done for me. I would strongly recommend Lidia's service to anyone who is seeking to embrace life, find happiness and progress in all areas. "
V. - London


Lidia Frederico changed my life. I received an energetic clearing and dealt with the many issues which crowded my life. Not only did she guide me to make the right choices which were crowding my life, she also gave me the impetus to do something about it. I was told by the doctors I would be unable to conceive naturally and went through the emotional journey of IVF. Then to top it all off my partner of 3 years decided he no longer wanted to continue on the ivf route. This left me devastated and withdrawn. Eventually I left him, which in hindsight I should have done years ago. After a lot of soul searching I was highly recommended a chance to speak to Lidia, which eventually changed my life! I rekindled a relationship with the man of my dreams we are now happily married and blissfully happy. I can honestly say without the caring intervention of Lidia Federico I would have remained in an unhappy place. And dare not make the changes in my life, pass and present possible. I can never repay Lidia for what she has done for me and I will never forget her. Since speaking to Lidia and listening to what was deep within me, I conceived naturally and i’m happy to say I am 8 months pregnant. I feel truly blessed. Lidia has been an invaluable part of my life and I will never forget the lessons she has taught me, which I will pass onto my child and carry me into the future. T.M - London

T. M. - London

"I've always felt a bit out of place in this world and really didn't know my purpose for being here. All I knew is that I wanted to make a difference and help as many people as I can in my own way. I was introduced to Lidia a little over a year ago and immediately something inside of me said that this woman is already making a difference and I resonated with that. 

Through her teachings and guidance my life has drastically changed for the better. She's helped me to find my purpose in life and I can already feel me having major impact on my family, friends and essentially everyone I meet for the better.

Lidia has devoted her life to helping others, I know this because I've been witness to this many times. Honest and very caring woman. Expect her best 100% of the time."



 "I had been experiencing some anxiety issues with my relationship and I also desperately wanted to have a child, having miscarried twice. I was given a recommendation, through word of mouth by a friend to have a clearing with Lidia to help with the situation.
First of all I had a general reading to identify areas where there were blockages and issues. Lidia traced some of these back to familial karma and was also able to see that I had held much trauma in my body that required healing. Lidia was non-judgemental and provided advice on how I could facilitate my own healing process.
Lidia then suggested that with my permission, an energetic clearing would remove these blocks and further assist with my healing process. In the week before I agreed to have the clearing, many strange and synchronistic things happened and I understand that this is because I had already connected with Lidia and the work was beginning to happen.
During the clearing process I received many messages, which were comforting to hear. The messages were delivered in a clear, warm and sympathetic manner and I felt much ‘lighter’ and calmer after the session. The aftercare Lidia provides is with so much love and care, for several weeks after the clearing is very unique so that any further issues that arise can be dealt with. I continued with all the recommendations she provided, as it is important to be an active participant in your own healing process to allow it to take place. Lidia has always made herself available if I encountered any further issues and was ready and willing to help with advice and reassurance.
My husband was so impressed that he also had a clearing. During this clearing I actually conceived and carried this pregnancy to full term. My husband and feel truly blessed, ecstatic and we are very happy to be very proud parents of a baby girl. Many other things ‘fell into place’ after the clearing and things began to happen with remarkable ease. I was able to attract more wonderful things and experiences in to my life and felt that it was less of a struggle.
One message I received what that I ‘had much to learn’ and embarked on an on- line beginners course for spiritual development with Lidia. This was very valuable and I learnt about basic spiritual practice that I now incorporate into every day of my life such as keeping my space clear, using visualisation and meditation and prayer.
The information I received really resonated with me and the service was warm and inspirational. I would thoroughly recommend that if you feel intuitively drawn to Lidia’s service then to follow your heart. My life has changed forever and I could never thank Lidia and the Global Light Project enough her continued love, support and advice which has propelled me to heal and develop myself on my own spiritual path."

19th July 2012

SM - London

 "Meeting Lidia has been one of the hallmarks of my life. Her work is the most unique and genuine I have ever come across. I first met Lidia at a point when I was losing respect and interest in life and people. I had no faith in anything or anyone.
Trust was a word I had forgotten. I was looking for hope, something to believe in and reason for my life. Lidia is the only person in my life who helped me see the goodness in people and find meaning to my life. I have never believed in psychics or energy therapy until I personally experienced it and the unmistakeable result it has produced in my life.
Lidia did the impossible and helped me see the goodness in people and restore my faith in humanity. By following the guidance of Lidia and the ascended masters channelled by her, I discovered my abilities, found my life purpose and had countless breakthroughs.
I will always be grateful to Lidia and her guides for their untiring work, immense patience and incredible generosity. She truly is an amazing energy worker."

Chad Manian

"Before I met Lidia Frederico I thought that something was wrong with me. Things I was feeling and experiencing were not making much sense.
How little did I know... Lidia has helped me and is helping me in getting a much better understanding of who I am and how to keep growing in my spiritual journey.
I am very thankful for having met Lidia and for all her help, guidance and kindness. She is such a wonderful, talented and knowledgeable person that from all my heart I wish that others will have the pleasure to meet and work with Lidia and so they too can get the help and guidance they are seeking.
Loads of Love and Light."


"Nothing is a coincidence, nor was my meeting Lidia Frederico. Upon hearing her name, I instinctively knew this woman could help me.
For a good few years I could feel and smell negative energies around me, following me everywhere I went. Impacting on everything I tried to do to empower my life.  After my energetic clearing, I finally felt a sense of relief and peace, my torment was finally over.
From there on in, i’ve had to grow emotionally, and discard all my outmoded ways of doing things, which in hindsight was self preservation, or so I thought. Lidia is a loving gentle soul, and generous beyond comprehension.
Her insight and connection to source is above and beyond anything i’ve ever heard or experienced via any person who is spiritually attuned. If you are seeking to find your purpose and direction in life, or you simply feel as though your life is blocked, I highly recommend that you seek counsel with Lidia Frederico.
The results speak for themselves, and it’s imperative you have to do your bit to gain the full benefits."


Amanda Sweeney - London

 "Having come from a rational scientific background and seen some other 'energy' specialists, I came to be aware of the services Lidia provides via another client. At the time I felt that any and all energy issues (if I had any) were worth resolving. While I was not consciously aware of these at the time it not only turns out that after the energy and spiritual clearing sessions facilitated by Lidia that I have disconnected from negative energies but also made massive progress generally.
Apart from an immediate disappearance of a shoulder pain, subsequently I have had large sums of money arrive in an account on the days it was needed, "co-incidences" of meeting people who are useful in business occurring on a monthly basis and heightened intuition allowing better business judgment and ideas for marketing etc.
I have not had a headache or any other 'dis-ease' since last year and in my business and personal life I am much more centred, happy and free.
Whilst I feel that while a large part of this is down to oneself at a deeper level, I sincerely thank Lidia for a very major contribution to this awareness and state of being. I highly recommend at the very least doing an initial Photo reading."

Marcus M