Space Clearing

Energy being the building block of all matter, can also affect the environment in which we live and work. The human body is affected by the energy of its surroundings. This is why having a clean atmosphere is important.

The energy of certain places can be either beneficial or harmful to you depending on how clean and how much positive energy is present. Having a clean and peaceful environment with higher quality of energy would enable you to have a more harmonious and comfortable home or a more studious and effective work environment.

​Feminine energy favours qualities like family, nurturing, comfort, relaxation and harmony, which suit homes and residential properties. Often enough the property you occupy may have one predominant energy which may need balancing.

Properties also retain stagnant energies from previous occupiers or group meetings, which leave energetic traces that may unbalance or even block the flow of your energy or may contain the wrong type of energy for you.


How do you know if your home needs clearing?

Do you go to bed tired and wake up feeling even more tired?

Do you feel a sense of uneasiness or restlessness at home?

Are you always having arguments with the people you with or feeling unhappy when you are at home?

Is your home full of clutter and you just don’t feel like tidying up?

Do you always feel sleepy when you are indoors?


Or alternatively if you notice any of these signs at your work place or office:

Do you always procrastinate and never manage to get much work done?

Do you constantly argue with clients, colleagues, your subordinates or your boss?

Do you put off making key decisions until later?

Do you always feel under pressure or feel like you’re constantly running into tight deadlines?

Do you feel very little motivation or have staff with low morale?


If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it is possible that you may need an energetic space clearing.


Benefits for your home:

Make your house a home;

Have a more harmonious, peaceful home with the most suitable energy balance for you;

Have a lot more energy when you are awake;

Be more efficient when you are indoors while being relaxed;

Feel less pressure and get more done without any more effort;

Get rid of any negative energetic residue from previous occupiers;


Benefits for your place of work:

Feel a lot more present, active and focused at work;

Have a more harmonious working relationship with colleagues, clients etc.

Create a business atmosphere that favours creativity, efficiency, better communication and a winning mindset;

Cultivate a work culture that emphasises punctuality, time-keeping, hard-work, commitment, determination and leadership;

Create a space that attracts and stimulates ‘flow’ - of ideas, opportunities, revenue streams and a feeling of abundance.


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