Spiritual Candles

February 28, 2013


Spiritual candles are very powerful, when used in the correct way and with the right intentions. Even more so if you have the help of your Guardian Angel, to support you.

You can also use candles to anchor your Guardian Angel to you, this will re-enforce your connection to the angelic realms. I strongly guide you to do so.


We use candles to symbolise our faith through the flames. In the flame of a candle, all the forces of nature are activated. The lit candle symbolises the individualisation of ascending life and the light of the soul. We can shift our lives with meditation and angel candles alone.


Light the candle with pure feelings in your heart - the stronger and purer your feelings are, the stronger the candle’s effect. Feel deeply in your heart and devote several minutes to it for the benefit of the person you are lighting the candle for. Be truthful, do it from your heart, with no ulterior motives, not expecting recognition or gratitude... then do it!


Light candles with a match, never with another candle or a lighter.

Incense sticks are best lit with a candle, rather than a match and especially not with a lighter. Never blow on them to extinguish the flame; wave them in the air.


Blue candle: for spiritual cleanliness, faith, strength, power, money, business, work.

Yellow candle: for sharpening intelligence, wisdom, justice, communication, changes, financial exchanges.

Pink candle: to strengthen relationships based on love and affection and to activate the interior flame of your twin soul. It is the most perfect colour. You can use it whenever you need to emanate good energy for somebody.

White candle: for harmony, peace, equilibrium, and ascension. It removes the contrary angel. (For the best results recite psalm 91 followed by your angel’s psalm and move your fingers with the oil on the

candle away from your heart.)

Green candle: for physical health, abundance, truth, and calm.

Red candle: for protection and emergency situations. Also for dynamism, strength, and courage.

Violet candle: represents transmutation. It transforms negative energy into positive energy. It is also for freedom and spirituality.



  •  Time

Remember that NO spiritual or energy work should be undertaken between the hours of 5.45-6.15am/pm and 11.45-12.15am/pm. This includes prayer, and conversations about any of these topics, as all kinds of energy, especially more of heavy negative ones tend to flare at this times, it's better to keep it on the safe side.

  •  Place

Ideally create something like an altar or sacred space where you can light your candles. Candles for guardian angels and spirits of light will have to be lit and left approximately 60-90cm off the floor - e.g. a kitchen worktop, table or shelf (as they are superior beings).


It is best if this place is also the place you pray and meditate; a calm and isolated place where you will not be disturbed. It is important that you always do your ‘rituals’ (meditation, prayer, candles etc) in the same place - especially for the week of the angel anchorage. This way, the place will become impregnated with your energy, the sacred place of your proper heart and the Universe. You might want to place incense, crystals and everything you use for your meditations in this place. Keep it clean, tidy and pretty and out of reach of other people.

  • Glass, plate and candles

As with all spiritual tools and items and all things you bring into your house, touch the top of the candle and ask God/Universe to take all negative energies away and to bless it.


All information how to Anchor you Guardian Angel is on my book "Little Treasures From Heaven"



Much Love, Light and  Infinite blessings

Lidia Frederico


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