Signs of negative energies/spirits in your life!

July 8, 2010


Physical Signs of Spirits Affecting someone’s Energy Body:-
Cold hands/feet
Unusual habits – e.g. cracking fingers, nail biting
Numbness/pins and needles
Excessive sweating
Shivers/Goosebumps regularly
Inability to make eye contact
Asymmetry of the face or eyes especially when photographed
Feeling of “monkey on the back”
Feeling of head being clamped/severe headaches/migraines
Eyes moving around more than normal
Pain that moves around rather than stays in the same place
Excessive itchiness and scratching
Feeling a sensation of a heavy weight on the back or shoulders

Signs of Being Cursed/Strong Spirit sabotaging someone’s Life
Major financial problems
Inability to get into a good relationship
Problems in the Family
Extremes of emotion – especially anger
More than fair share of bad luck – being mugged, robbed, burgled, raped, abused etc.
Feeling that something is sabotaging you
Major illness

The most likely reason someone has one of these very strong spirits in or around them is that at some point in the past someone has done something to allow the Spirit in. Either they have done something bad – committed suicide, murder etc or someone has given the spirit a gift to curse or to manipulate circumstances or someone. Examples of this are:-
Going to a gypsy to curse someone or being cursed
Going to someone to put a spell on someone to trap them into being in a relationship or having the spell put on you
Going to a witch doctor to manipulate circumstances
In India giving offerings to spirits and the offering not being specified to go to spirits of Light
In Africa practising voodoo which is calling on a spirit or having a voodoo curse put on you
In French parts of Africa putting Juju on someone
In Greece putting the evil eye on someone
In Brazil/Portugal doing black magic or witchcraft
Performing any kind of witchcraft for the wrong reasons
Selling your soul to the Devil
Performing Satanic Rituals
Messing with Ouija boards

All negative energies can be cleared, from your life!



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