Conventional Medicine vs Spirit Medicine

March 23, 2010


When people talk about healers or energy workers having succeeded where doctors have failed, there is much cynicism in the dialogue. The question they commonly ask is how could that have possibly worked? A better question to ask is – why does modern medicine keep failing us?


The simple answer is modern medicine has failed completely to see the big picture. The big picture includes the fundamental principles governing the nature and behaviour of all living matter which is energy. Anyone who comprehends the basic principles of energy and the how it relates to the human body will see more than a doctor can. Medical practitioners are trained to think in a manner that ignores the nature of life and the motion of energy. They are trained to think in a limited four-dimensional way that cannot begin to understand a five-dimensional reality.


Modern medicine is also based on organic chemistry which is built on an old paradigm called the Newtonian school of thought, which is a way of thinking that has not evolved very far since Newton. Medicine is lagging behind and needs to take into account the progress made in new science. Experts like Dr. Bruce Lipton and Prof. Rupert Sheldrake explain that Modern medicine is in desperate need for a new paradigm based on quantum physics which clearly explains the previously unexplained phenomenon that people have called “miraculous healing”.

A true scientific thinker is one who is open minded enough to take into account the wisdom of the ancients and finds a practical basis for it. Healers and energy workers who use energy to help clients with medical problems are working on a level that is beyond the four dimensions we are used to. Illness and disease itself originates from subtle levels outside the visible dimensions. One who investigates the origin of illness will trace it back to the human psyche and the mental body of thoughts and the emotional levels. Research has proven that most symptoms of disease are psychomatic which therefore confirms that dis-ease (the absence of ease) can be caused by any feeling of uneasiness or unresolved feelings/emotional issues. This is the advantage that energy workers have over medical doctors – a good understanding of the deeper levels and subtle bodies beyond the physical.

Medicine is incomplete so long as it lacks this perspective. The physical body is only the last layer where issues springing from the non-physical layers manifest. While the new quantum physics understands and explains this well, modern medicine still clings to the old paradigm, much to the detriment of the patients. This is why it is a wish of many energy therapists that one day modern medicine will hopefully catch up with ancient common sense. Anyone familiar with the human energy field will explain the mechanics behind the ‘miracles’ and what seems spontaneous and unbelievable will suddenly appear to the spiritually minded as common practice.

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