The Reality of Spirituality

March 10, 2010


Often enough during social events when one introduces oneself as an energy worker, healer or therapist, people ask the standard question “are you a spiritual person”? If not they say “you must into spiritual stuff”. No one has really ever stopped for a moment to consider what is ‘spiritual’, who is a ‘spiritual person’ and what exactly is this ‘spiritual stuff’?

Images of people dresses in exotic robes or men and women standing in uncomfortable postures or wise old men meditating on mountain tops normally flash through people’s heads. The way people use the term spiritual may imply that there is a physical reality separate from the supposed spiritual reality and people who are spiritual must therefore be different or weird or holier than the rest of the world.

Truth be told, there is no such thing as a spiritual person simply because there is no way to define and separate physical reality from a spiritual reality. Reality is constant but not the same for anyone. Every individual experiences a different reality from the next and people’s experiences are different from each others. A person’s reality is formed within their minds based on their notions, beliefs and values. A spiritual person goes through the same routine as a non-spiritual person, probably has the same interests, habits, hairstyle and problems. Chances are these so called ‘spiritual people’ probably pay taxes, have credit card bills and brush their teeth too.

It is very likely that they live on the same street and look very similar to the next person. Everyone who fits the description of Joe average can be labelled spiritual mainly because spirituality is not a condition, or way of life but a state of mind. Being spiritual is simply having a realisation that everything is connected, has a life force or essence and is therefore built on spirit. We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience. Being spiritual is about feeling a sense of connection to everything and understanding that there is more to reality than what is obvious to the untrained eye.

Science has recently begun to prove that we are all one and connected at a quantum level which our ancients called the spiritual realm. In ancient times science and religion combined to form the main branch of philosophy which explained the nature of reality along with the meaning, purpose and mechanics of life. It was during the renaissance that the split between religion and science as competing ideologies brought forward the idea of a physical reality being separate from the spiritual.

This difference in view point has progressively led to the modern notion that spiritual people are weird fanatical believers in occult phenomenon and follow different philosophies. The reality is there is no such thing as a spiritual person if everyone is made from spirit. Everyone has an independent belief regarding life, birth, death, spirit etc., these beliefs are formed inside the minds of people. Science has now started to support the theory of cosmic intelligence as the organising factor behind our material reality. If everyone alive in a material world is made from energy (which some people call spirit), surely we must all be spirit and therefore everyone logically is a spiritual entity pretending to be human?

The non spiritual person is as likely to have a spiritual experience regardless of belief. So what is a spiritual experience? If there was to be a definition of a spiritual feeling it is probably the deep connection one has with the consciousness of everyone else. The branch of science that explains how we are all connected with the energy and consciousness of all living matter is Quantum Physics, which proves that what the so called ‘spiritual person’ feels is available for everyone to feel if they so choose.

Any individual who has spent more time feeling this deep connection at a quantum level with all else is likely to be more in-tune with the energy of all living things, sensitive, compassionate and emotional. The experience or feeling of a strong connection at the fundamental level is what most people may refer to as a spiritual experience.

This so called ‘spiritual person’ is a normal individual no different from the next, who feels a deep connection to everything else which he or she refers to as spirit. This experience in many ways is what people regard as the sacred connection. Someone who feels a connection to everyone and everything will also feel like a part of everyone and everything at a deep quantum level and over time will also form a deep respect for all living things. Anyone who feels connected to everyone else will naturally be more humble, respectful and loving towards another. If you are scientifically part of everything else how can you ever harm another without harming a part of yourself?

This is the conclusion a person reaches after spending a bit of time being connected and this conclusion is the state of mind many supposedly ‘normal’ people reach in order to get labelled as ‘spiritual’. So in essence the so called ‘spiritual stuff’ is nothing more than a connection, respect, sympathy and appreciation for all life. If you have always felt a deep respect for life, had a strong connection with others and appreciate all living beings chances are you are probably a spiritual person too and maybe we should be asking you what weird ‘stuff’ you’re into.

Anyone can learn to tune-in or tap into this infinite field. The more one tunes in the more connected one feels which brings out the passionate expression of one’s abilities. To be connected means to be one with everything which helps people be more sensitive towards others, to appreciate life more and live happier lives. The feeling of being connected is what makes the spiritual person live longer, healthier, happier, more prosperous life. It also enables people to relate to each other better, have better relationships, improve communication in business or attract more wealth or even connect better with one’s body to improve health.

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