The cause of negative energy attaching to you can be attributed to a range of factors including:

Karma (family / past life);

Psychic attacks;

Emotional blockages through life experiences;

Trauma from past events - witnessing tragedy, childhood abuse etc;

Relationships that you do not have closure with;

Genetic/hereditary energy passed on through the DNA;

Your environment (surrounded by negative individuals) or current situation that causes you stress, anger, depression etc.

Behavioural patterns (conducting yourself in a way that is inappropriate);

Environmental, climatic pollution;

Planetary - cosmic influences or inter-dimensional energy shift;

Your current residence (living in a property that contains very low/dense energy);

Collective consciousness of your social group.


Without a shadow of a doubt, you are the most important person in your life. If you are to become the master of your destiny, isn’t it time to step into your own brilliance now?


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