Mentoring & Training

What is spiritual mentoring?

Spiritual mentoring, as practiced in established wisdom traditions where it may be referred to as spiritual direction or spiritual guidance, involves skilfully accompanying the spiritual journey of another by facilitating the following three movements:

Alignment:  Personally connecting to the Source or Ground of Being.

Discernment: Distinguishing between genuine guidance arising from that deep connection and conditioned reflexes of the ego.

Action: Acting in the world with the spontaneity, grace, and compassionate wisdom that comes from authentic inner guidance.

In short, spiritual mentoring, itself a spiritually guided activity, assists others in navigating the natural flow from inner contemplation to action in the world, no matter what your religious beliefs and creeds.

​​It is not in any way a direction of the other. Rather it is a process of presence and companioning that helps the other to connect to their own inner guidance. The ideal result for those assisted is a life energetically lived as engaged spirituality and passionate growth toward wholeness. Such a life invites a harmonious state in which the mind, heart, and hand work together to create a better world for the individual seeking spiritual direction, and for all beings.

How can Spiritual Mentoring work for you:

  • Learn to trust your intuition.

  • Understanding all six of your psychic senses.

  • Learn how to get answers from your higher self.

  • Open up your psychic abilities.

  • Learn how to give a psychic reading.

  • Perceive & understand the chakras and auras.

  • Use your energy hand to read others.

  • Learn how to meditate.

  • Learn techniques for psychic protection.

  • Communicate with your spirit guides.

  • Deepen your inner connection to your higher-self.

  • How to make the right decisions in life.

​Development Guidance - Receive professional advice and get answers to your development questions.

​One to One Teaching - Individual teaching sessions on trance mediumship or channelling.

Throughout the year, Lidia Frederico will run a series of web seminars and classes on:

​Mediumship - Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Inspirational Speaking.

Trance - Connection, Platform Work, Group Trance Work.

Trance Healing - Connection, One to One, Distant Healing, Group Trance Healing.

Channelling - Channelled Spiritual Work, Channelled Speaking, Channelled Automatic Writing. 

Connecting to Spirit - Opening to Spirit, Seeking Guidance, Spirit Guides.

Working with Energy - Communication, Healing.

Psychic Development - Intuition, Psychic Awareness, Protection.

​​Mentoring - Individual sessions to assist you in working with Spirit in any capacity, to fulfil your potential and achieve a professional standard. From practical advice to business advice.


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