Helps you keep track of positive and negative actions

Purifies negative actions

Rejuvenates your meditation practice


It is an inevitable reality of being a human to generate karma every day, and we do so. For example, you have hurt a friend with strong words, you take money that did not belong to you, you have told someone a "white lie". Those negative actions, whether insignificant or more serious, produce negative karma that sooner or later will come back into your life. Saying this, karma needs to be cleared and there should be a process of purification on a daily basis.


When to do this Meditation:

This meditation is best to do at the end of your day, just before you go to bed, and you should do it as much as possible, every day if you can.


How to prepare for the Meditation:

Review your day and if you see something that was done that was not acceptable on your side be true to yourself and first of all apologise to the person/persons in question after that start your meditation to clear the negative energy attached to the situation.


How to do the Meditation:

1. Breath deeply 5 times and relax. Think of the negative actions you have committed and anyone you have may have hurt in the process, directly and indirectly. Consider the most insignificant act to the most serious one. Start generating feelings of compassion for those you have harmed. Be true to yourself!

2. Generate a sincere feeling of regret. See it is an experience that you had to live to learn and to grow. Simply realise that your negative actions were very unwise for yourself and others.

3. Tell yourself that you will do your up most to change your actions and behaviors and give yourself some specific time to change it and really make an effort to avoid repeating it.

4. Now commit yourself to do something positive in the lives of the one's you just cleared the karma negativity from. This way, it will serve as an antidote for your negativity. Do something positive to balance it out.

5. After you have completed the karma cleansing, end your meditation affirming that you have purified your negativity for the past day.


You can also do this to clear matters along on your past, with family, friends, etc...

Karma Cleansing Visualisation