Grounding​ Yourself

In life, during our travels we will often have moments when we feel confused, unorganized, and just all together disoriented. Unfortunately, this is a necessary part of life. It does not mean though that these feelings need to bring us down. In times like this it can often help to ground oneself.

How do I ground myself, you ask? Here are two simple techniques to help you ground yourself spiritually and emotionally.

The Anchor:

This technique works best outside. If need be, you can do it where you are, standing on the ground facing east. (When you aren’t sure of where east is, just look in the direction the sun rises.)

With feet planted firmly on the ground, place your arms and hands at your side. Breathe in slowly. As you breathe in, imagine a brilliant blue light filling your being. Let the blue light consume you with every breathe. Imagine the white/blue/golden light forcing all your negative emotions, disorientation, down through your feet into the ground. When you are filled with the blue light entirely, with one last breath let the blue light flow down through your feet and with it your last feeling of disorientation. Let the light spread into the ground until it vanishes.

A variation on the anchor is to imagine the blue light entering the ground like the roots of a tree. Let the blue light anchor your being to the earth and feed off the energy in the ground. Let it expel negative energy and consume the positive. The idea here is that you become like a tree planted in the earth. The earth consumes all of your negativity and lets you grow.


Pillar of Earth:

This technique can be done anywhere and at any time. This is best done in solitude though. Visualize a pillar of red light travelling down through the floors, through the earth, down to the centre of it. Feel the connection between the Earth and yourself. Is the pillar solid and stable or flexible? If you do not feel like the pillar is firm or solid, dissolve it and start again. Do this until you feel like you have a pillar that cannot be moved.

Once you have your pillar, say your name three times, imagine your name travelling down the pillar, fusing with it. This makes the pillar yours. It allows your energies to flow with it. Once, you have done this, imagine all of your negativity, upset, disorientation, being draining down the pillar. Watch it flow down, like water through a pipe. When it gets to the center of the earth, see it burned up. Imagine new clean energy returning up the pillar from the earth to you. Try to do this with the inhale and exhale of every breath. When you exhale picture the dark energy flowing out of you. When you inhale imagine you positive energy reborn, coming back.

You can do either of these exercises as you feel necessary. The more you do them the easier they get. The purpose of these is not necessarily to provide you with some great spiritual enlightenment. It is to distract you and refocus your attention. Focus your attention on yourself and it calming, cleansing, stabilizing your being. The visualization is merely a catalyst to accomplish this. Over time you may be able to ground yourself without any visualization. You may be able to do it through your breath alone.