Energy Field Protection

A glass of water is used to absorb and thus clear any negative energies in your environment, both from people who enter your home or workplace, or who are physically elswhere but interacting with you for example via telephone conversations.use this technique during the day at helm or in your workplace, particularly if people are contacting you a lot by phone as this will ensure that you are not absorbing their negative energies and instead your glass of water is.



Select a half pint glass to put your watering.this class is only to be used for this purpose.

Fill the glass with water.

Hold the glass in your hands and say the following blessing: " I call upon God/universe to come and leftist glass of water, so that any negative energies coming into contact with me throughout the day from people I communicate with will be absorbed by the water and trapped there."​

Give thanks in advance and repeat three times: " In the love and light!".

Ideally, this should be done first thing in the morning before you communicate with anyone.

you can monitor the level of negative energies being trapped in a glass of water by the bubbles that form and by the discolouration in the water.for example, if anyone calls you and you start seeing bubbles in the glass or discolouration in the water, it means that they have negative energies within them or around them.

at the end of the day, for the glass of water down the sink or toilet and say: "I call upon God/forward universe to come and remove all negative energies trapped in this glass of water and for them never to return. I ask that the negative energies will be transmuted to positive ones."