"Little treasures from Heaven" will help you access higher levels of consciousness and unlock hidden abilities deep within you. Lidia teaches in simple steps, how to understand and work with energy, your sprit guides and angels. By practicing the techniques outlined within, you will glean further understanding about the importance of spiritual protection and simple ways to safe guarding your energy from negative influences, whilst accessing higher dimensions.

"Cathedral of Angels" is a must-have book for anyone wishing to those expand their spiritual knowledge generally and more specifically regarding the amazing benefits of working with spiritual beings known as angels. Both for those not yet aware that they actually exists and can help you and those who are already “angel practitioners” this book as distinct from many books written about angels, will take you to a greater level of understanding and closer to the core of the angelic realm. Reading it will give you all the various tools to work with these amazing beings of light, allowing them to assist you and others in every area of your life.
Working with angels is truly the one of the most magnificent experiences a human being can have. The huge range of scenarios in which they can help us is almost beyond words - you just have to feel it for yourself. For the reader to grasp and experience the benefits, Lidia Frederico takes you through the steps of first understanding, then learning and finally putting it into practice all the relevant methods.
By opening your heart deeply and truly, you will learn how to connect not only with your own guardian angel and but with the whole the angelic realm, creating all-encompassing bonds for life.
As with any work, practice makes perfect, and regardless of your soul experience, our angels are there alongside us for this amazing journey we call life.
This book is the key to connect you and them.
All the information contained within Cathedral of Angels has been channelled via Lidia’s Ascended Masters, which have given her immeasurable joy and passion. Lidia herself has of course been highly effective in working with angels and benefited from their help, and reading and applying the content of this book, will definitely enable those on their path, to enjoy them just as much.