March 3, 2016


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March 3, 2016

Even when all around you, even when your decisions seen out of place and the world goes against your core with full force, always rem...

February 1, 2015



We all do some things consciously and unconsciously in our lives that , if we are true to ourselves, we would like to apologise for...

February 28, 2013

Spiritual candles are very powerful, when used in the correct way and with the right intentions. Even more so if you have the help of...

August 31, 2012




My article for the online blog of Soul & Spirit Magazine.

First article focus on " The True Law of Attraction in Life".


July 17, 2012



Unlocking The True Law of Life​

​​By Lidia Frederico Team​

Lidia as Just posted a sample of one of my favorite visualisation from th...

January 30, 2011





Energizing Wash


NB: Please ensure that this wash is done exactly as stated, as it will not work.This wash is ideal to energise yo...

January 30, 2011




Salt Cleanse

NB: Please ensure that this wash is done exactly as stated, as it will not work. 


This Salt Cleanse is ideal to c...

January 29, 2011


When you believe

you must struggle for abundance,


then it will bring about situations that are

conducive to struggle; when you believe...

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