About Baroness Lidia Antunes - Frederico

Baroness Lidia Antunes - Frederico is a lifelong consciousness facilitator, energy therapist, full trance medium and author. She is widely sought out by clients and media worldwide. Originally from Portugal, she now lives in London. Her royal titles and heritage, heralds from her father's side of the family, and can be traced as far back as 1129. During this time, many of her ancestors achieved great accomplishments some of whom were Nobel prize winners. That being said, the Baroness mission is to continue bolstering her family name, by adding her own personal achievements, to honour those who have gone before her, with integrity. Baroness Lidia inherited her medium and healing abilities from a lineage of female healers and mediums on her mother’s side. Baroness Lidia has been fully aware of her gifts since childhood, which she nurtured and, in due course, culminated in her developing her channeling abilities by 1993.


Baroness Lidia has worked with professionals in many domains: business people sports peoplemedia personalities of the highest caliber, as well as members of the general public, and she gives a substantial amount of her time to pro bono activities.


Having had the experience of a high level sports person, a business person, and a public servant, she is able to bridge the gaps between the esoteric and the worldly. She is able to apply her gift skillfully and in context and is fully aware of the world around her and its present canons. Baroness Lidia’s gift is unique, as is her ability to empathize with others whatever their circumstances and profession might be. Her services can apply to anyone, yet they are highly personalized in approach and tone in order to be received optimally with the client.


Baroness Lidia is affectionately called ‘the cleaner’ as she expertly and thoroughly clearing clients of negative influences in their energy fields. By channeling her guides, Baroness Lidia identifies all such influences in a person’s life. Depending on the client, this could be anything from a person’s beliefs, thought patterns, entities that have attached and need removing, or the result of not channeling the light, and much more.

Whilst trance channeling, her guides pinpoint how unwanted energies, people and situations block a person’s life. They proceed to move away the unwanted influences, sending them back to the light or neutralizing their influences in a person’s life. She then works with each client at an energetic level for between three and six months depending on the degree of ongoing support that is necessary. The objective of Baroness Lidia’s work is to get clients back on track with the life they were destined to fulfill.


This is a process that is light touch for the client, it does not require much client input, other than to allow the changes to happen, to accept the flow – which also happens almost independently of the client. You will be asked to follow meditations and visualisations, however Baroness Lidia takes on a great part of the work.


Baroness Lidia continues to clean and balance each client’s energy field without interfering with that person until they can stand on their own two feet and, therefore, ensuring that the unwanted influences do not return. Lidia is able to see the bigger picture and all its complexities, due to her unique talent, her life experience and also her many skills: she is an Energy and Crystal Therapist, works with the chakras, auras and uses herbs for clearing and cleansing. Baroness Lidia is highly adept at soul retrieval and clearing issues from past lives, which is an area that is becoming more widely known to the greater public as a holistic healing modality. Her abilities extend to her having the ability to access the Akashic records of individuals to clear up past karma, thus enabling their life to flow once again.


The bigger bang

It is purely through her faith and belief in a higher power that Baroness Lidia has been able to evolve spiritually as she has. This has enabled her to assist those in need of her support at a profound level. Baroness Lidia’s dedication to contribution and service to her family, community, and planet is aligned with the Sacred Mother Energy that is urgently needed for the spiritual evolution of Humanity.


Her greatest joy is in assisting people raise their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical frequency and, hence the planet, by helping them live fruitful, joyous, and happy lives.